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Progressing Applied AI Innovation

Fields of Interest

Corporate AI Transformation

Changing the role of humans in business

Strategically deploying AI for digital disruption, accelerating societal AI adoption, and dedicating resources to pivotal generational challenges

Human-Centric AI Design

Leveraging Human Insights for effective AI driven processes

Empowering AI processes with deep human insights, ensuring technology complements human expertise for greater effectiveness.

AI in Decision-Making

Smarter Choices with AI Insight

Enabling smarter decisions through AI insights, blending technology with human judgment for superior strategic outcomes.


Our Vision

Our vision is to expedite the integration of AI across society, thereby liberating vital resources to tackle the defining issues of our era.

Leveraging AI for a better tomorrow.

At Jarvex, we believe in harnessing the transformative power of artificial intelligence to address the pressing challenges of our time. Our mission is to accelerate the integration of AI into society, creating a future where technology amplifies human potential and resources are allocated towards the issues that matter most.

We believe that the application of AI, though disruptive, will be pivotal to achieve sucess in the various challenges facing our generation.



AIVory, abbreviated as AIV, is a pioneering concept in software engineering where generative AI is used to autonomously generate code, overseen by experts rather than traditional developers, aiming to surpass human limitations in speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness, all managed by a dedicated team.

About Us

Who we are

Jarvex: Uniting AI expertise and human ingenuity to revolutionize industries and redefine our future.

Digital Natives uniting AI with human creativity for transformative global solutions.

We are Jarvex, a collective of AI enthusiasts, seasoned developers, machine learning experts, and former consultants united by a shared vision. In 2018 the think tank was launched as the synergistic creation of Adoleo and Ilscipio, two companies that recognized early on the transformative impact AI will have on the world.

We understand that AI’s ascent will redefine roles across society, rendering some obsolete while creating new opportunities. Rather than resisting this inevitable shift, we chose to embrace it, ensuring that AI’s rise is synonymous with positive progress. Our mission is to further the application of AI, not as a mere tool, but as a partner in crafting a future where technology amplifies human potential and addresses the most pressing challenges of our time.

Past Experience

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